Stayton / Sublimity

Stayton / Sublimity is part of our region immersed in natural beauty and distinctive small town charm.

The City of Stayton is located 14 miles southeast of Salem, along Highway 22. Located along the North Santiam River, Stayton is a regional agricultural and light manufacturing center.

The City of Sublimity is a rural, residential community located on the western low foothills of the Oregon Cascades; about 15 miles southeast of Salem. Sublimity is situated north of the Santiam Highway amid gently rolling hills and land well suited for agriculture.

These cities have a temperate, maritime climate with moderately warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. A variety of crops surround the towns including grass seed, mint, clover, hay and grains. In the summer there are local farm-to-table opportunities with produce stands and small you-pick farms.

Local farms we like to frequent:

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