Mill City / Gates

Straddling two counties (Marion and Linn) and the North Santiam River, Mill City is the largest community along the North Santiam River corridor. In 1886 four entrepreneurs from Stayton gave the city its name when they purchased land next to the North Santiam River. The men had machinery hauled up on wagons from Stayton and constructed a sawmill. A small community formed around the mill in the following years.

Mill City is divided by the scenic North Santiam River; north of the river is Marion County and south of the river is Linn County. The two dams that control the river flows are well upstream from the city, which means great fishing and lots of river recreation. Recreational opportunities include three parks that offer playgrounds, boating, fishing, water activities and picnicking.

Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of Mill City is the historic railroad bridge. Abandoned by Southern Pacific railroad around 1967, it is now used as a pedestrian and bike bridge. Current restoration efforts are being undertaken by the “Save our Bridge” Foundation. The city has a fire hall, a city hall, a museum, a senior center, a library, and a visitors’ center.

Gates is a peaceful little town located three miles east along the North Santiam River. Gates was founded as a settlement for miners and loggers who lived in the area during the winter months. The original post office was established in Gatesville, but the name was changed to Gates – which became the name of the city when it was incorporated in 1950.

Several small pristine creeks and tributaries run through or near Gates, including Rock Creek, Little Rock Creed and Mad Creek.

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Photo above credited to Libby Gillaspy.