Lyons / Mehama

Lyons is a small town nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. Two Irish brothers, James and Henry Lyons, named the community south of the North Santiam River after themselves in the 1880s.

The area offers many nature-based recreation opportunities including parks, campgrounds, natural wetlands, fishing and boating access to the North Santiam River, and wooded trails for walkers, joggers, bikers and hikers.

Mari-Linn Grade School, the Lyons Public Library, the Santiam Valley Grange, Freres Lumber Company, various churches, clubs and retail businesses are all vital parts of the local community.

Mehama is a great little town with an off-the-beaten track, locals-only, undiscovered territory kind of charm. An unincorporated community north of the Santiam River, Mehama was named after Mehama Smith, the wife of James Smith, who laid out the town site in the 1870s.

The town is most easily found by exiting Hwy 22 near Gene’s Meat Market. This iconic local butcher shop serves locally raised meats and an unofficial welcome center to the region and communities that embrace small town style. The Mehama Fire Hall is the center of many community activities.

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